About Okaloosa County

Okaloosa County sits on the Northwestern part of the state right in Florida’s panhandle. The major cities/towns in the area include Fort Walton Beach, Crestview and Destin. Nearly 200,000 people total call Okaloosa County home. Okaloosa County is primarily known for two things that make up a good portion of the economy in the area: the military and tourism.
Fort Walton has two military bases in the area: Eglin Air Force Base and Hurlburt Field. This is the reason why many people who live in the area are servicemen or family members of someone in the military.

The other is tourism. There’s no doubt about it: Okaloosa County and the Emerald Coast have some of the best beaches in the area, which is why tourism accounts for such a large amount of the economy in the area. There are many vacation rentals available throughout the area.

If you’re looking to rent or buy, there are few better places to consider in Florida than the Okaloosa County area. Take the time to learn why so many choose to call this area on the Panhandle home.